ClassDojo and Ad Astra To Develop Ethics “Conundrums” For Elementary And Middle School Students

ClassDojo, the educational software developer has partnered up with Ad Astra, Elon Musk’s LA Private School in order to develop “Conundrums”, which are critical thinking puzzles. Despite the partnership, Ad Astra will not use the tool, and only helps with its development. The Conundrums offer ethics challenges and open-ended critical thinking, and they address question not normally encountered in a standard curriculum for middle school and elementary students.

Before starting the puzzle, students are reminded to be respectful of each other when discussing the conundrum and to remain open-minded, as there is no right answer. One of the puzzles addresses the issues of property rights. A group of cartoon characters have discovered a dinosaur skeleton on their neighbor’s land. Once they start the Conundrum exercise they learn more about the premise, and that a group of cartoon characters, a farmer and Yosemite National Park all have valid claims to the dinosaur skeleton, and the student will have to decide who it belongs to.

The teacher’s menu allows them to add new aspects and twist the situation. Each outcome adds a layer to what was already a difficult scenario in regards to questions about ownership. Another similar Conundrum poses the question if a cartoon character is entitled to paint over the Mona Lisa after buying it. The app provides context for the issue, making the importance of the painting clear, and asking if Mojo has the right to basically destroy an important piece of Western history. The Conundrum poses questions about limits of property rights, which is a relatively advanced concept for students in the elementary and middle school.

After students finish discussing the issue, the app suggests they reflect on the exercise, and the conundrum concludes by giving the option to share the results with the parents via the ClassDojo app. ClassDojo was launched in 2011 and is among the most widely used platforms that allows students, parents, and teachers to connect and help build a community. The app allows sharing of students reports, but its main aim is to assist skill development, as well as character building among students. Find out more about CLassDojo:

David McDonald — Leader of Premier Global Food Company OSI Group

Currently residing in the Greater Chicago Area, David McDonald is President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC (“OSI”), a privately held global food producer. McDonald received his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science upon attending Iowa State University (1983 – 1987).

He has been with OSI since 1987. In CEOCFO Magazine (June 12, 2017 issue), McDonald states: “Since I was not here at the beginning of OSI, I cannot speak to the original vision, but when I joined the company 30 years ago, OSI Group had a tremendous aspiration of growth. That appetite for growth remains today. The constant desire to grow and improve is a cornerstone to the culture itself. And the vision at that time was to be truly global and to be a valued partner to our customers. It is our partners/customers who have allowed us to grow. Our vision today formally states, ‘OSI aims to become the Premier Global Food Provider to Leading Branded Companies.’ So, our vison has not really changed much, but our relentless push to improve and deliver more to our customers drives our growth.”

Prior to being elevated to the position of President of OSI, David McDonald held the position of Project Manager of OSI Industries. Since December 2008, Mr. McDonald has served as Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. This was following the acquisition of OSI’s operations in Brazil and Europe by Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos. Mr. McDonald is also Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He holds the position of Director of OSI International Foods PTY Limited (Australia) and is a member of OSI Group’s Board of Directors.

At the helm of OSI Group, David McDonald has contributed greatly to the development and growth of the organization. Two key strategic moves he orchestrated were OSI’s expansion into the Chinese market as well as the acquisition of Baho Foods (a Dutch producer of deli meats and snack foods).

The interview of David McDonald by CEOCFO Magazine provides a number of insights into his business and life philosophy (see: “Q&A with David McDonald, President of OSI Group, Premier Global Food Provider” — Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine — June 12, 2017 ). OSI will remain true to its standards while always striving to improve on service to the customer, McDonald affirms.

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Infinity Group rise under the leadership of Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia, a debt reduction company from Australia. He created this company as a solution to the myriad of challenges that Australians face when dealing with loans. Loan repayment is turning out to be a hard task for many borrowers. Holm has, however, identified the problem to be lack of support and guidance on how to manage the finances by financial institutions. Infinity Group Australia is all about helping the people manage their finances.




Graeme Holm has experience of 17 years in the banking sector. He was inspired to start this company in order to help the Australian families while at the same time keeping the banks honest. He came up with an idea of bringing personal financial trainers in the equation as one way of helping the people. This idea has turned out to be one of the best in the financial industry. It has helped the company to realize significant growth in a very short time.




Infinity Group has headquarters in Bella Vista, Sydney. It is on a path of growth backed up by their strong approach to personal finances management. Its founder is a recognized MPA Top 100 broker, meaning that the leadership is well aware of how business in this fieldwork.




The rapid growth of this company is attributed to the acceptability of their business model. However, before the model is accepted, the customer services must have been top-notch. Just like in any other business, customer service in the financial sector must be the cornerstone for growth. Customers who have worked with this company can attest that they are now saving more in three months than they did in 12 months. The support and guidance from Infinity Group Australia is proving valuable since on average clients are saving $41,000 in a year.




Infinity Group Australia reviews show of a company that is ready to help its customers to get out of debts. Their interest is to see the people live comfortable lives knowing that their future is secure. The company also helps clients with investment ideas and retirement savings strategies.




Graeme Holm believes that Australian families have been getting a poor deal from many lending institutions and that is why they are here to correct the mistakes. Banks should not celebrate the misfortunes of the customers, but the traditional banking method seems to glorify such a situation. Learn more:


The Things People Have Not Fully Researched Yet About Fortress Investment Group

The results exerted by the workforce of Fortress Investment Group are positive enough to merit special mention in various media sources. With the things that have been happening with Fortress Investment Group in the many years that it has withstood market challenges, it is then no surprise that news portals like Chronicle of Week and Analyst of Finance have made special mention of the company.

As people already know, Fortress Investment Group is already one of the most recognized and consulted asset management entities in the industry today that have the skillset to understand the market complexities in the modern setting. However, Chronicle of Week highlights most this fact. It is also in the article that one of the biggest changes in the operations of Fortress Investment Group is the fact that it is now under an acquisition agreement with SoftBank, with a deal agreement reaching to about $3.3-Billion.

What’s also interesting to highlight is how the article traced the back stories of the successes of Softbank and Fortress. Softbank is founded by Masayoshi Son in 1981 as a wholesaler of PC software but since then expanded its reach to various niches. Fortress, on the other hand, was already growing its various fund vehicles that helped investors grow assets in the safest, most profitable means during the same time. When SoftBank acquired Fortress, it is now then the work of Softbank to make sure that Fortress works according to the regulations set by the government, especially under the administration of Trump.

In the case with Analyst of Finance article, it can be said that Fortress’ partnership with Softbank would establish stronger ties between Japan and the United States as the CEO of SoftBank is from Japan. There are still challenges, though, in terms of whether the government is in line with what SoftBank wants to do in the future. But with the kind of leadership that the principals of Fortress show, it’s hard to not expect good results from the company. There’s already a lot of work experience in the case with Fortress. Since it started in 1998, it’s been through a lot of market fluctuations already. All these experiences will form the armor of Fortress in the growth of Softbank’s operations.

A Giant entrepreneur Of Brazil Guilherme Paulus

Many define Guilherme Paulus as a man with an inborn talent in the business sector. Whereas that is debatable, it is also true. At only 24 he had sprung into the business limelight. He is one of the tycoons who had very little to do with being employed but instead he has employed thousands of people in his businesses.

His first business was a partnership with a Brazilian politician in 1972 (at 24). They founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viogens S.A. The partner left four years left for other ventures. Paulus remained focused on CVC and saw it through great transformations and growth in the tourism industry. It became the largest tour operator in Brazil. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP hotels and resorts. This is another breakthrough in his business quest. Today GJP controls more than 15 booming hotels and resorts at the heart of Brazilian tourist zones. GJP played an essential role during the 2014 world cup soccer in Brazil.

The company processed bids to build and maintain hotels near the airport and areas that were proximity to the city. This was one of the greatest strategic and opportune moments to the Brazilian billionaire. The same facilities were a source of flowing revenue during the summer Olympics in 2016.

Guilherme Paulus sold CVC to Global Private Equity firm Carlyle Group in 2009. However, he still has close to 8% of the shares in CVC. He sold the company at an approximate cost of $420 million. That is about 63.3% of the shares.

Before he got into the active business, he worked as an intern at IBM before his 20s. According to him, he delights in creating jobs for the people of Brazil, and to see the economy of the country moving to better heights.

Today Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the Board of Tourism Operator in Brazil. His experience in the tourism sector strategically puts him in the position because of the in-depth understanding of the needs of Brazil in tourism.

Forbes shortlisted Guilherme Paulus as one of the Brazilians Billionaires in 2013 estimating his net worth at $1.1billion. He in his late sixties today, he is still a very active entrepreneur and businessman.

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The Insights of Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens has brought notable developments in the field of finance through the expertise he holds in the area. He has made a good name for himself in both Brazil and the broader parts of the globe. He is known for his significant advocations regarding infrastructure in the country. Felipe has held a vast number of prestigious positions in the country, and he has worked with the Brazilian Government together with the private industry to advise them on their business arrangements. He has shown exceptional understanding and knowledge in the field of finance, and he is today among the most sought out financial gurus. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe earned his undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and his graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has contributed to the growth and development of the economy of the country through his expertise in infrastructure. He has been majorly focused on economic waste, and he has helped the government find solutions to eradicate waste in the country.Besides, the renowned financial expert has also assisted the government in finding ways they can improve the total income that they earn to become more financially accountable. His contributions towards the rise of the country have seen him build an outstanding career for his developments.

Throughout is a long-term career, Felipe Montoro Jens has acquired a chance to work in various prestigious companies including Luciano NitriGuidolin, Paulo Oliveiro De Melo, to name a few. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao S.A, and he serves as the chairman in various boards. His persistence has seen him emerge successful in his career. Besides, he encourages entrepreneurs to be creative so as to be successful in their endeavours. Many people have shown him respect for his expertise and determination. He seeks to teach people development strategies to help them upgrade their living standards.

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Igor Cornelsen: A Brazilian Investment Adviser Shares Wisdom

Igor Cornelsen began his career in banking in 1970 after receiving his degree in economics. His aim was investment banking, and he traveled to Rio de Janeiro where he got his first banking job with Multibanco.

The banking world Cornelsen entered would seem very strange to a new hire today. While a computer or two on every desk is now the norm, and a company-issued smartphone may complete the package, that was not the situation that greeted Cornelsen upon his arrival. Slide rules ruled the day for men like him. Fortunately for him, slide rule calculation was something he excelled at, perhaps because he had begun his university studies as an engineer before switching to economics. Regardless, his phenomenal skill with that manual calculating device caught the attention of his superiors. Four short years later, the bank moved Igor onto its board of directors. And two years after that, it was CEO Igor Cornelsen.

When Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978, Cornelsen moved on to Libra Bank PLC, a move that proved important because they paid in US dollars. This opened his eyes to new investment opportunities. His next stop was a seven-year stint at Brazil’s Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. As so often happens with talented people, Cornelsen then decided to create his own investment firm.

In a recent interview,[1]Igor Cornelsen shared some insights into his life and business.

When asked about the impetus to become an investment adviser, he noted that, really, he had been advising banks on their investments for years and it was a natural transition to helping individuals.

Asked about a typical day in his life, he mentioned the following. He rises early to read international news, study the actions of companies, and adjust investment strategies where necessary.

Igor Cornelsen noted that he gets a kick out of seeing developing trends first. He notes that unbiased financial news sources like Reuters are a must, as markets tend to be ideologically driven and ideology is a poor predictor.

Cornelsen’s advice to young investors sounds much like that of Ray Dalio; try to understand the world as a whole and to understand how news impacts markets.

source: [1]

Here’s The Status Of IT In Healthcare – It’s Growing And Here’s Why

Consumer technology is unarguably advancing faster than any other application of modern technology. Although humanity’s collective health, life expectancy, and ability to ward off ailments and diseases is certainly more important than the market of smartphones, tablets, social media platforms, and tablets – a market that appeals to the wants of individuals, rather than the needs of humanity and its future generations.

Fortunately, the fields of healthcare and information technology – combined known as healthcare IT – are attractive to people seeking solid career paths. Thanks to the talent drawn to the field’s consistently-high pay, healthcare IT is steadily increasing the complexity and usefulness of technology regularly used across healthcare.

Drew Madden is a well-seasoned, career-long member of the healthcare information technology field. He currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a consulting firm that provides hospitals, private practices, regional networks of various healthcare facilities, and even nationwide nexuses of the United States’ hottest hospitals networks with everything these clients need to know about the construction, implementation, use, and maintenance of their respective information technology systems.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners both advises and implements the systems they develop, rather than simply providing ideas to clients and leaving them to kick such infrastructure into action.

Organizations like Evergreen Healthcare Partners – companies involved in the juxtaposition of healthcare and IT are also called healthtech organizations – are built out of frustration that the industry simply doesn’t already have in place.

Here’s a big reason why people with careers in technology don’t come running to healthcare

While nurses and nurses’ aides don’t have to attend school for too long – CNAs don’t have to attend school for their jobs, LPNs typically don’t have to go longer than one-and-a-half years, and registered nurses typically earn a bachelor’s degree to practice – physicians, physicians’ assistants, and nurse practitioners do; this is why many people in the tech industry don’t hop over to healthcare – it’s too intimidating and they feel like they wouldn’t understand the business for years.

Talk Fusion Founder and CEO Bob Reina’s Mantra to Success

Bob Reina’s daily mantra of ‘I Will’ is ultimately what guides him through every single day. He strives to successfully build upon his global business, and his desire to go above and beyond for all of his charitable endeavors. Even though it can be a lot of work to make sure there is equal time for both, looking at the bigger picture and seeing what he’s accomplished and what he may achieve in the future are what drives him.


Talk Fusion was born from a desire to change a small piece of technology. The idea came in 2004 while Reina was trying to send a 10 second video clip of what was a potential house through email to family and friends, but couldn’t.


The difference between ‘profitable’ and ‘successful,’ according to Reina, is that it’s not just about the destination, but about the journey and the people you meet along the way and who take the journey with you. They benefit from the destination as well, and everyone has their own piece of the pie, while also actively being a part of something much bigger.


Talk Fusion, the world’s first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, and Reina have made one thing perfectly clear; they’re leading the market in its business sector. With his success, he can easily spend time and money to change lives the world over. But what about those who, while they may not be able to start their own charitable business, want to help as well? How can someone with a normal job living by normal means follow Reina’s philosophy? Reina advocates charity beginning at home, which can and does make an incredible difference in one’s community. One little action can change a small corner of the world for many.


Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is from Brandon, Florida. He completed his studies at the University of South Florida, and graduated number one in his police academy class. However, he decided that the police force wasn’t for him and got his start in the business world as a part-time associate in direct sales.


Because of this, he ended up giving up a steady paycheck in exchange for what would become his greatest passion, ultimately leading to his successful career. Colleagues and employees agree that his vision, dedication, and work ethic are Reina’s best qualities. He occasionally enjoys bringing the family dogs to the office.

Todd Lubar  Sharing His Insights on Real Estate Trends in 2018

Todd Lubar is a familiar name in the real estate industry of the United States and has had a career in the real estate business that has been an inspiration to many other real estate investors and people in the business. Todd Lubar started his journey in the world of real estate by joining Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he went on to work for four years from 1995 to 1999. After leaving Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar went on to work for Legacy Financials as a senior loan originator. For the next few years, Todd Lubar had Legacy Financials generate massive revenue from its Maryland office that he managed. Working for several years in the mortgage financing business helped him come in contact with many vital officials within different sectors associated with real estate, and also helped him gather considerable funds to start his own company.


It is what he did with his first entrepreneurial venture by the name of Legendary Investments, which is a residential development company. Todd Lubar managed to take Legendary Investments to new heights of success in a couple of years itself and managed to complete more than 200 transactions of buying, developing, and selling real estate properties within Maryland region. Todd believes that the growth trend in the Baltimore’s real estate market would continue going forward in the year 2018 even though many mainstream media says otherwise. It is because there has been a massive improvement in the economic dynamics of the region, and the youth population of the region has also increased drastically. Increase in the influx of young people in the area has also been boosting the demand for the modern homes, condos, and apartments.


It has motivated the realtors to go ahead and design lavish modern homes to meet the increasing demand. Todd Lubar is currently working at TDL Ventures as its President, and at Charter Funding, a subsidiary of the famous First Magnus Financial Corporation, he is Senior Vice President. Todd Lubar is an influential personality in the real estate business and is often interviewed to share his expertise and insight with the people. In one of the recent interviews that he gave, Todd Lubar talked about why people should always focus on the company they keep. Surrounded by the right people can help develop your mindset and ensure that you stay motivated and inspired, whereas a bad company can do just the opposite.


Todd Lubar also said that people should never consider failure as the end of the journey, but as the beginning of a long and successful journey. Surviving the failure means thriving enough for success that would follow. Todd Lubar also said that perseverance and patience are important qualities for success, and one must continue to work hard day in and day out with same determination as the first day at the office.