A Look at why Non-Jewish Celebrities Have Embraced Kabbalah

Madonna is likely the most well-known celebrity who has embraced Kabbalah and is not Jewish. There are plenty of other celebrities who have done the same including Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears. The question has arisen as to why these celebrities are so fascinated by Kabbalah and what they get out of it.

Many are attracted to Kabbalah as a way to help deal with personal problems. Among these is Paris Hilton where she said that after a difficult break-up she started regularly attending a Kabbalah center as it gives her the tools she needs to manage her life. The same thing happened to Sandra Bernhard and she has credited Kabbalah with eliminating 80% of the chaos in her life.

Other celebrities, like Sammy Davis, found in Kabbalah something that is bigger than themselves. He wanted to be a part of its 5,000-year history and culture. He even converted to Judaism because he said it filled in his lack of honesty and peace that he couldn’t find on his own. Madonna remarked in 2006 that Kabbalah teaches their students that we are all put her on Earth in order to help others. She went on to say that it helps figure out the ways that you can help others in your everyday life.

The Kabbalah Centre International was founded in Los Angeles, California, as a nonprofit organization. It now lies at the center of a network of Kabbalah centers that are located around the world such as in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Altogether there are over 50 branches of the Kabbalah Centre International.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches students about Kabbalah and the Zohar in teachings that can be accessed online and in person at one of the centers. The center also teaches that Kabbalah is not a religion in itself and is a supplement to one. The Kabbalah Centre says that all widely held religious and spiritual beliefs are all part of an overarching universal wisdom.


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