Winning The Ancient Wars With Trabuco

Trabuco war machine is traced to the middle ages. The machine was formed with the main purpose of killing the enemy during war. Trabuco translates to some high caliber of old resolvers in addition to short guns. The machine originated from China and has since been used in wars and battles that need a lot of force to defeat the opponent.

Trabuco was launched in Europe at around the 600AD noted on Most people in Europe took advantage of the machine by ensuring that enemies were scared of the pending situation.

Background information

Trabuco worked on the mechanism of converting the strings to kinetic energy. The system was, however, not entirely as efficient as was expected as there was friction when operating. With the evolution of technology, Trabuco became one of the most admired and most useful machines during war. This was made possible by the transformation of technology, a new era that brought about mechanism and new operations. Coupled with the need to relatively less effort to operate, Trabuco was vastly embraced by the people.

There are many types of Trabuco War Machine with the listed being among them:

The tensile trabuco

This trabuco machine was the first in the market. It was relatively huge and difficult to operate. It required about 200 people to operate with most of the weight leaning on the operators on The only added advantage this war machine had was the efficacy and the power it released during the entire process of operation. Trabuco War Machine could project approximately four shots for every minute. Being that the weapon required a lot of energy to be effective, Trabuco was abandoned.


The tensile trabuco was then taken by Arabs according to The team modified it to something that would now be useful in many ways. The ancient Trabuco War Machine was modified into a better, more reliable structure that most users now found easy to operate. The few modifications included compressing the size into a mobile one and lightening the heavy size. Around the 13th century, the new trabuco war machine became the most relied on war machine. It could facilitate the hurling of stones to long distances.


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