The Commitment of the Larkin and Lacey in the Human Rights World

President Trump took the initiative to appoint the Maricopa sheriff, Arpaio for the second run of the office. The step came to be criticized by the public after disclosure of many cases of the corruption and atrocities that had been carried out throughout his term.

Furthermore, the administration of the Sheriff was termed to be anti-immigrant. Most of the public resources had ended up to benefits the leaders running the office of the Arpaio.

Larkin and Lacey pointed out clearly that the president Trump had failed in his appointment for the person running the office of the Sheriff.

The two had been in the niche of the human rights for a long time after switching the off their services in the arena of journalists. The great thing that made Larkin and Lacey trust by the public is the excellent reputation they had established. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Both Larkin and Lacey faced the surprise of arrest through the order of the officers of the Maricopa County. The reason was that of the information they had put it on the public via their article in the reflection of how the office of the Sheriff was practicing corruption and misusing the funds of the public.

The ordeal occurred in the year 2007, and this was the hard moment of the two journalists. The situation that put them at the better height of their release was the demand of the community. Most of the people carried out the demonstration with the intention of pressurizing the government to release Larkin and Lacey.

The article that had gained fame through the information made by the Larkin and Lacey was Phoenix New Times. After the judges wrote off the case of the two journalists, they made a move to sue the county for the direction it took in arresting them against the procedures of the law. Larkin and Lacey emerged victorious in their case and paid $3.75 million. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The money boosted their mission in promoting the human rights agendas through their organizational named Lacey and Larkin Florentina Fund. The aimed of the body was to created shared goals among the small human rights bodies and enabled them to fight for their rights as a unit in the community.

The other case that had put the Arpaio on the spot was the violation of the rights of the Latinos and the women. The matters that made him appointed by president Trump was his endorsement during the time of the campaign.

There have been several reported incidents of the atrocities carried out by the administration of the Arpaio. The condition of the inmates in prison was weak, and this made most of them to commit suicide while still in jail.

Larkin and Lacey have demonstrated their efforts in making the society equal for all the people regardless of their origin in the United States. Many humanitarians have ventured in to support the move of the Larkin and Lacey to address the situation of the human rights violation in the society.

The matter has created the better chance for the immigrants in the United States.

James Larkin ahead of NUDL

The National Union of Dock Labourers had for a very long time before 1905, been lacking on something. The union would come to realize that they did not have a very daring leader that would not fear to face people and lead them towards their labor freedom.



Jim Larkin appeared to them as a potential leader. He was but a dock foreman when the union had their first encounter with him. Jim Larkin had suffered labor oppression for a very long time, and could not ignore it anymore. He, and a few more foremen at the docks of Liverpool decided to lay down their tools and protest. Although the protest was peaceful and Jim’s appointment to the committee that would organize strikes, a planned move by the foremen, the dock managers did not see it right, and to avoid further rebellions, they let Jim Larkin go.


NUDL seized this opportunity, as it is not every day that a skilled leader is indirectly handed to you. He was appointed to the union temporarily, and when the timing was right, he took over the membership permanently. James Larkin then took up the tasks of organizing workers into strikes and peaceful protests with an aim to meet their pleas and wishes and have their complaints resolved.


James Larkin under NUDL was able to successfully lead a lot of laborers of Liverpool and Ireland out of their jobs and to the streets to fight for their right. In a majority of these strikes, the workers’ wishes were granted, and this is the reason why James Larkin’s name became very popular all over the world.


The activist lived his life well. When he left NUDL due to various reasons which included his disagreement with James Sexton which bore his disregard for the union instructions; James Larkin continued with his dream of having a country that respected the rights of workers and paid them fairly according to the amount of labor rather than their level of experience. The reasoning here was that not many workers were educated, so the only kind of experience they would have to gain was manual, and that takes a lot of time.

Lacey and Larkin

Sometimes, certain individuals show how big ignoramuses they are. One notorious human being by the name of Sheriff Arpaio has publicly shown his ignorant tendencies to the world. He didn’t just show how much of an ignoramus he was in one event—he did it repeatedly for decades.

By assuming that every single Hispanic person was a “border jumper,” he showed how ignorant he was of American history. This is because Hispanic people have just as long of a history in America as do other races of people. Believe it or not, but Hispanic American culture/heritage is just as old as other American ethnic heritages and identities.

Hispanic American identity and culture is just as old as German American identity and culture, Irish American Identity and culture, African American identity, Jewish American identity and culture and Italian American heritage and culture. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Some Hispanic families can trace their lineages on mainland America farther back than some European Americans, despite the fact that European Americans are generally seen as being more “American” than people who do not appear as pure-blooded European Americans with lineages straight from Europe.

Hispanic culture and identity have always been heavily prominent in the state of Arizona. The extent of this can be seen in the fact that there are two state constitutions—one in Spanish and another in English.

Just because there is a prominent Latino influence in Arizona, that doesn’t mean that everybody has an open mind about Latinos. Sheriff Arpaio certainly doesn’t. He is the epitome of white America at its worst—ignorant, judgmental and starting trouble for people.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two guys who are not ignorant of American history. They have a massive appreciation for Latino people and Latino identity.

The two men understand that in a place like Arizona, it is ridiculous and redundant to profile every single Latino in sight as “illegal.” Even in places where fewer Latinos reside, or places that haven’t been historically influenced by Latino culture, it is still ethically wrong to harass Latinos.

Lacey and Larkin took the initiative to make Sheriff Arpaio’s prejudicial tendencies known by publishing information about his exploits. They also published stuff about how Arpaio abused the men and women in his jails.

For years, Lacey and Larkin whittled away at the sheriff’s patience. Finally in the mid-2000s, Sheriff Arpaio found an excuse to harass the two men. He tried to lock them up, but he failed because he really had no reason to.

Lacey and Larkin and the rest of Sheriff Arpaio’s victims held their breathes as they waited for Arpaio to be tried and sentenced. Like some sort of Superman saving Lois Lane, Trump flew in and granted the unjust sheriff a pardon.

In response to this horrific tragedy, Lacey and Larkin decided to publish information about it. This also inspired them to establish a whole new website discussing current events about free speech—

Arpaio is now retired from the office of Sheriff, though the scars of his reign still remain in the minds of those who he victimized.

Securus Technologies Assisting Law Enforcement Agencies to Eliminate the Use of Contraband Phones

For the law enforcement agencies, the use of contraband phones inside the prison facilities has been a significant cause of concern. Many companies have been trying for long to find a way to put technology to use to get rid of contraband phones inside the prison but in vain. However, the market leader in the correctional arena, Securus Technologies, recently rolled out wireless containment solutions. It is the most efficient contraband interdiction technology out there, and apparently the only such technology that is approved and accepted by the FCC.


It has the potential to eliminate the use of contraband phones in the correctional facilities completely and has been successfully tried in at least eight facilities where it managed to halt 1.7 million illegal correspondences done through contraband phones. Such technology would help in building a safer and smarter correctional ecosystem. Securus Technologies has been assisting in ways more than to modernize the penitentiary sphere, and the technologically advanced services that it provides has been hugely helpful.


Recently, a video went viral online, which was made by an inmate on his contraband phone. He was brandishing a knife in the video from inside his cell, and it was shocking and raised many questions about prison security. The video made by the inmate was posted on Facebook and was viral within hours. It surprised the media and the entire nation, who thought that at least prisons are safe and secure.


Robert Johnson is one of the star corrections officers who now work as a consultant at Securus Technologies. He had worked for 15 years as a corrections officer and has helped in confiscating a large amount of contraband phones during this time. At one time, he seized a contraband package estimated to be worth around $50,000. It infuriated the inmate to whom the package belonged, and he ordered a hit on Robert Johnson using a contraband phone from inside the prison, which led to Robert getting shot in his home six times.


Robert Johnson feels that unless the contraband phones are eliminated from the prisons, it would be difficult to say that the prisons are safe and secure. The inmates use the contraband phones for many reasons, including controlling many different types of illegal deals and activities. The use of wireless containment solution by Securus Technologies has proven to be highly successfully and has provided a ray of hope to the corrections officers who feel threatened by the inmates and their capabilities to do illegal things from inside the prison. When the source of unlawful communication is completely removed, it is not possible for the inmates to connect to the outside world in an unauthorized manner. Securus Technologies hope that wireless containment system would be able to assist law enforcement agencies in their endeavor to eliminate contraband phones from prison facilities completely.


The Top Investor in Brazil’s Shopping Mall Industry- Roberto Santiago

One of the most eminent businessmen in the state of Paraiba, Brazil is called Roberto Santiago. What makes him a household name is his investment of establishment of Manaira Shopping Mall which has extensively benefited the people of Paraiba in Brazil. The renowned entrepreneur was born on July 16, 1958, in Joao Pessoa and went to the Pio X Marist College located in the capital of Pessoa. He then extended his studies in the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. After completing his studies, Santiago first worked at Café Santa Rosa before engaging in self-employment where he established a cartonnage company. He would later abandon the business to realize his dream which was in the mall industry.


About Manaira Shopping Mall


Roberto Santiago had his vision set on opening a shopping mall which he did in 1989 after two and a half years of its construction. He had earlier managed to acquire a considerable size of land at the capital of Paraiba where he started building the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987. The mall is the largest in Paraiba and so far has undergone five expansions stages since its establishment. Further, the shopping mall’s covers 75,000 meters squared and partitioned to 280 stores. Also, it is located in the center of the capital of Pessoa where it faces the northern coast beaches hence the beautiful sunset views. Additionally, Roberto Santiago also invested in a cooling system which offers comfort to shoppers and all who work in the mall since Paraiba is marked by very high temperatures.


Amenities at the Manaira Shopping Mall


Roberto Santiago structured the mall in a way that it would cater for entertainment and leisure amenities that would be favorable to the whole family. For this reason, the mall offers a variety of sophisticated ways of having fun and spending leisure with family and friends. It has 11 rooms for movies fitted with the modern day types of equipment where its packages include 3D rooms, VIP rooms, and a stadium system. It also has fan games such as bowling and electronic game machines where it incorporates kids and adults. Again, the food court section is flooded with different restaurants that offer array of delicacies that one can choose. Furthermore, the mall has a gym and ballroom if one wishes to hire.



Manaira Shopping Mall’s Impact to the Paraiba Region


With the establishment of the mall saw more than 3000 people get jobs at the mall thus a source of employment. The mall also attracted investors in the region which had an impact on the economy hence bringing growth and developments in the surroundings of the capital of Paraiba. It also has a college, banks, and recently launched a recreation hall known as the Domus hall. Besides, the world-class auditorium hall has since attracted music artists from all over Brazil who have since held many concerts from the premises.


Debuting Red Carpet Fashion – Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has created a unique brand identity for his clothing line. He has developed the clothes that modern men want. He knows that a well-fitted suit can take a man from the board room to the business party. It can also make an appearance on the red carpet. Ryan Seacrest values his fashionable wardrobe, and he has attained his level of fashion with a little help from a friend at Burberry. Christopher Bailey helped design Secrest’s entire wardrobe while he was competing on American Idol. Ryan Seacrest made his weekly appearances in classy looks created by Bailey. The suits were smartly cut. They were well-fitted. They were tailored to Seacrest’s body, and he had the accessories to match. This gave Ryan Seacrest a great sense of fashion. He took Bailey as his mentor in the fashion world.


When Ryan Seacrest decided to create his fashion line, it was his next endeavor in entrepreneurship. He has since appeared on the red carpet and on his talk shows in his looks. The red carpet is one of his favorite places to promote his clothes. It gives the appearance of celebrity appeal and high fashion. Modern men are looking for this sense of high fashion with corporate utility. The fact that Ryan Seacrest has been able to fuse the two is a testament to his fashion sense. He selects the designs, cuts, and fabrics that will convey the most quality to his fans and customers.


Macy’s is the only retailer to sell Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Ryan Seacrest’s clothing line is exclusive to the retailer. The accessories that Seacrest has created for the clothing line are versatile. Modern men enjoy the ability to travel in the suits. They are perfect for a lifestyle that is constantly on the go. When modern men must make multiple meetings in a day, they want a suit that is comfortable. Ryan Seacrest has developed this very suit. He has begun preparations on his next line, and he is preparing to debut on American Idol next season. He will be hosting, and he will also be appearing on his popular talk show in his clothing line.

Jeremy Goldstein Helps Executives Get Appropriate Compensation

Business ventures today need to stand out in a crowded market. Company officials need to be able to respond to market conditions that may change very quickly. This is why so many company officials look to those who can help offer the leadership they need. Proper leadership today means being able to spot opportunities in the local and international markets that others might miss. One person who knows well how to attract and help companies keep the best possible talent is fiscal compensation expert Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in many fields related to business interests. He believes that many kinds of compensation can be ideal. One of the most effective are stock options. Stock options have multiple advantages according to Jeremy Goldstein. He particularly recommends a form of stock options known as knockouts. This form of compensation is directly tied to the company’s performance. If the stock price drops, so does the value of the shares that the employee owns. This is useful because it ties the person’s performance directly to the actual value of the stocks. When talent is motivated and well compensated for their work, they are likely to use their talents well for the well being of the company’s interests.


Understanding Corporate Needs


Jeremy Goldstein is uniquely poised to understand corporate needs. As the head of a company devoted to the subject of executive compensation, he’s been involved in this issue for many years. He’s learned that it is important to understand that each company and each person is different. Different people are motivated by different kinds of goals. Many people with lots of business talent not only want to earn money, they also want to be able to see a company grow under their leadership. Corporate executives who can harness that power and bring talented people on board are likely to see a company grow and expand well. He knows that it is important to think about varied ways to help attract and keep talent happy. His work has also focused on helping to create conferences and other venues where top level leaders can discuss strategies for growth. Goldstein is on a mission to help connect employers and employees who need skilled help. His work is ultimately all about helping to make appropriate and long lasting connections. Many companies have benefited from his expert advice and his wonderful, very helpful executive compensation insights. Learn more: