Anthony Petrello- The Impact Of Early Teaching In His Life Today

The early life of Tony Petrello has a significant role in whom he is today. Currently, a top CEO in the United States, Petrello’s story is inspiring to many young people who may look at their backgrounds and dismiss their potential of becoming great in future. Petrello has proved that it’s possible to come from a humble background and become one of the influential corporate leaders in the United States. Many young people look at their poor backgrounds and dismiss any chance of succeeding later in life. According to the story of Tony Petrello, this is not something that should be even considered. Your background does not determine your destiny.

Anthony Petrello was born in a humble family in Newark, NJ. The area was mostly composed of the working class. These are people who got everything they had from working hard. The people here also had very strong work ethics; they taught their children to study hard and not to expect anything to come through easily. Anything one wants to be must come from commitment and determination to achieve. There is no shortcut about it. If you do not work hard, there is no chance that you will succeed in life. Petrello graduated in Yale University and Harvard University. Petrello grew up knowing this vital lesson, and he never went against the teachings of his childhood. Whatever he has become today is a result of good upbringing. He has made his millions by growing an industry which was not doing very well before he joined and is now a leading industry in the country.

Tony is today the CEO of Nabors Industries, a company which offers services in the oil and natural gas drilling sector. The company has the best drilling technology today. It is the addition of Tony Petrello to the management of the firm which has made a difference. Before he joined the company, it was just a medium-sized company. He brought the teachings he was brought up with to the firm. He impacted everyone working in the firm and showing them the importance of dedication to services they offer. His input has transformed the employees into crucial players in the growth of the company. They do not just feel as employees but as part of a bigger dream of advancing the delivery of services in the drilling sector.

Tony Petrello is a testimony of “hard work pays.” It is through the discipline instilled in him at a very tender age that he has become a top business leader in the United States.

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Whitney Wolfe – An Innovator In Dating Platforms

Whitney Wolfe is an American CEO and Entrepreneur. Whitney was born in South Lake City, Utah. She attended the Southern Methodist University and majored in international studies.

Wolfe’s career began at the age of 22 when she first joined Hatch Labs. Here, she became involved in building a project named Cadify which was later abandoned. With her knowledge, she joined a team and developed the dating app known as Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe became the Vice President of Marking for Tinder and was reportedly behind the name of the app. She has been credited for fueling the popularity of the app among college students. Whitney Wolfe departed from Tinder in 2014. Due to her work, she has been named as one of the most important women in technology by several publications.

Following her departure from Tinder, Whitney Wolfe was contacted by the founder of a dating app known as Badoo. Together, they planned on developing a new dating platform. Along with the founder of Badoo, Whitney founded a dating app in 2014 called Bumble.

Bumble differs from other dating apps due to its catering to women. The app does this by allowing women to be the ones in control rather than the opposite sex. Women who sign up for the dating app initiate the conversations rather than men. This allows for unwanted conversation that often times can be inappropriate or intimidating.

In 2016, Whitney Wolfe added a feature called Bumble BFF to the Bumble app. This feature is used for women to find platonic friends. It is found by switching into BFF mode on the app. When this is done, people who are looking for dates are replaced with those of the same-sex looking for friendships.

Bumble BFF uses the same functions that can be found in the date portion of the dating app. Those who use the app can match with potential friends by left and right swiping. If a match is made, the option to start a conversation will disappear if not started within 24 hours. Bumble BFF brings something revolutionary to dating apps due to its option to find friendships.