The real deal in sport,

Now that the NFL season is over, I turn my attention to NCAAB and March Madness. I find it hard to explain to anyone born of the digital age that before the digital revolution, I did not even know a March Madness existed. Of course I knew college basketball existed. In fact, I believe that basketball was invented as a game for the collegiate or at least scholastic level. My family was a football family, and this vast amount of readily available information did not exist. Not so many years ago, a major sports event took place on one of the three network stations and only in prime time. This was even the case early in the beginning of all-sports channels and eventually networks like ESPN. This sports staple in its inception was met with skeptics that thought no one wanted to keep up with sports all day everyday.

How wrong were these people? So it is not strange that at that time people could be engrossed in one sport so much that they knew little of other sports. So in making odds or placing bets, I would never bet on a sport of which I was not intimately familiar.  Because I think winning is universal, I could apply my abstract markers to information that is right at our fingertips these days and make assumptions well enough so that I win a lot in making NCAAB betting odds. Another digital innovative idea is betting sites, but I say that with a caveat. These sites must be reputable, or they are no different than bookies, but I utilize a site entirely more innovative than just taking bets.

It is called, and it is the most informative source for placing odds on NCAAB betting or any sports bet for that matter. I stress informative rather than glitzy and fun which is okay in recreational gambling, but because I bet seriously, information is my greatest aid.  However, it is also good for recreational betting, and my friends love how makes them seem like professionals even when they are simply conversing with someone they want to impress with statistics and insider knowledge.