Fabletics: May the Road Rise to Meet You

Fabletics is a fashion company unlike any other. They launched only a few short years ago but are taking on a wealth of overs that would typically belong to online companies like Amazon. Fabletics focuses on providing athletic wear of the highest quality at a price that is actually affordable. Fans of Fabletics are extremely loyal and see themselves as part of the brand, rather than simply consumers of the company’s athletic wear.


Fabletics was founded by actress Kate Hudson, in conjunction with mega-brand Techstyle Group LLC. Techstyle has seen many successful ventures in the world of online shopping for women’s clothing and accessories. It was a natural partnership when Kate Hudson wanted to partner with Techstyle to launch Fabletics. Even when the business was in its infancy, Techstyle saw that it would be a huge success based on the way the company approached marketing to people who would rather shop from their computers than make a trip to a physical store.


Fabletics chose to use a reverse showroom model to engage potential customers. While many brands build a huge amount of physical stores – costing them a mass of time, money and overhead fees – Fabletics chose to use the reverse showroom model to achieve success. The reverse showroom model means that instead of building a wealth of stores, the company builds its entire shopping experience online. Fabletics does this through the use of an online Lifestyle Quiz that factors in exactly who the buyer is and what they may enjoy that will lead them to a purchase decision.


Fabletics’ Lifestyle Quiz is incredibly simple, but will reveal a lot about the person who completes it. In fact, the quiz maps out who is ready to raise children and who has serious flaws in how they imagine they will raise their children. The system has been in use for more than twenty years.


Kate Hudson has been with Fabletics since its founding several years ago. She partnered with Techstyle Group to provide a new type of health care that hasn’t been seen on the market today. According to Kate’s latest interview on Guest of a Guest, Kate says that she believes people know innately what their calling is. She states that people are too afraid to follow the path that they know is rising to meet them, but he understands that most people are hesitant to rise to meet the road ahead.

Fabletics Is Resisting The Fashion Norm

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics aims to tackle the fashion e-commerce giants and especially Amazon. Even though Amazon flushes out the competition, Fabletics managed to grow into a $250 million dollar per year business. Sportswear in general has been a rapidly growing trend.


The company was launched in 2013 with Kate Hudson as the leading role of this new radical company. Kate has been pushing the “athleisure wear” style and there is now a global movement around this genre of clothing. These workout outfits are cute, sexy and comfortable for workouts.


Most of the competition in low-cost athletic wear have been low quality Chinese e-commerce stores. Fabletics aims to create an authentic brand without the sacrifice of quality and business ethics.


Fabletics has jumped into the marking arena as one of the biggest contenders. Fabletics has a unique marketing model of selling their clothing in subscription based payments. Customers are very attracted to brands that are led by influential and motivational leaders like Kate Hudson. Some people also like the idea of an authority figure choosing which types of clothing are right for them.


In an attempt to help customers choose the right products, Fabletics launched their lifestyle quiz. Users will select their preferred activities, workout locations, color palettes, body type and clothing sizes in the survey. The results will then be used to recommend product subscription plans.


The latest product subscription plan is for 2 leggings for $12 per month. The price is cheap and allows for month variety. This sort of subscription planning has attracting millions of female customers.


Typically, large clothing brands have purely relied on quality and prestige. Now, clothing distributors need to think about budget conscious buyers that need practical niche products. Customer service, instant gratification services and brand loyalty are some of the most important factor in the modern clothing market.


With the latest success of this clothing brand, they will be opening up brick and mortar shops in select few locations. Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California are potential states that are being considered for new shops.


The membership model of Fabletics has left the company with a cult following that rivals Apple. Personalized services that make the customer feel valued goes a long way with the company’s brand loyalty.


Fabletics has successfully reversed the show rooming effect of most clothing brands. Most of the people browsing their inventory are already members of their website and often repeat customers. Members that try clothes on in the stores will have the clothing item added to their online shopping cart. Members can buy online or offline and browsing in the store is just an optional feature for online shoppers.


Kate Hudson has also maintained such an active role in inspiring their customers. The movie start frequently releases workout programs and instructional videos on behalf of the clothing company. Members of Fabletics have exclusive access to all of her workout resources published online. Any customer that has made at least one purchase are also eligible to access the workout videos.

Fabletics by Kate Hudson: Made to Inspire

The best fashion brands do more than just make wearers look good. The right outfit can change someone’s life. Fashion helps people get the right job, meet the right person, and lift their spirits. So, brands like Fabletics are more popular these days.

Founded by celebrity actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics combines brilliant fashion with functional fitness wear. It’s no secret that Kate Hudson keeps herself in amazing shape, so bringing her fashion sense to the world of ‘activewear’ was destined to succeed. Kate takes a personal interest in every article of clothing sold by Fabletics. She wants every item to make customers feel special.

That’s how she was able to build a $250 million business in just three years. Fabletic’s aspirational styles combined with affordable prices made Fabletics extremely popular amongst millennials. Fabletics managed to succeed in an industry where Amazon controls 20 percent of the e-commerce market.

Fabletic’s success stems from its members-focused premise. Unlike other big-name fashion brands, Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic. That means the brand had to create a completely new way to convince people to become members and buy their products. Part of that strategy was combining stylish fashion with convenience and membership.

Thanks to that combination, every Fabletics member gets to feel special. Additionally, Fabletics recommends outfits to inspire members to try new styles. So far, that strategy has worked brilliantly. Members seem to genuinely love Fabletics for its styles and prices. Fabletics has even started opening physical stores all across the nation.

So far, Fabletics only has 16 stores, but those stores are seeing great success. Succeeding in fashion is hard enough; succeeding in fashion with physical stores is even harder. Today, most people do their shopping online; it usually ends up being cheaper. To combat that desire, Fabletics needed to convince to visit one of their stores.

To do that, Fabletic’s stores host events and other activities. These events are used as a way to get to know the local markets. As a result, visitors feel a more personal connection to the brand; ensuring that at least 25 percent of new visitors become members in store.

According to one non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics is worth the money to anyone interested in the brand. The brand offers a free lifestyle quiz for anyone wanting to see some of the numerous styles.