Guilherme Paulus: Entrepreneur Tycoon In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is a popularly known Brazilian hotelier and entrepreneur not only nationally but also internationally in the tourism industry. He is the founder and current chairman of the CVC Brazil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. GJP opened its first Hotel in 1995 and had since expanded to many more hotels and resorts countrywide. The company is recognized as the largest tour operator in Latin America.

He is also the current chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sao Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Vice President of International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV).

GJP Hotels and Resorts are located throughout the country and operate over 20 hotels and resorts and has currently employed over 5,000 people since 1995. His career began as an intern for IBM as a computer technician but later left IBM and veered off the Technology field and took interest in the hospitality and tourism industries. Guilherme Paulus later became a traveling salesman for a tour agency, and after three years he had earned himself a reputation and skills to venture into self-employment in the same industry. He had developed connections with other business entrepreneurs who encouraged him to start his own company.

He aimed to revolutionize the tourism industry, which he did and is seen by the introduction of Ocean Cruises which was a new and exciting experience to tourists. It became an area of their operations and is popularly known to be at the forefront in this area worldwide. Guilherme Paulus was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year award, which he deserved because of his significant contribution to the development of Brazil’s economy through jobs creations, services his firm offers and many more.

The widely spread branches of the GJP Group of hotels and resorts enables him to reach a diverse base of companies, which gives him a competitive advantage over his competitors. His distinct personality has also contributed to his success, which has helped him build his networks such as Linx, a five-star, Saint Andrew premium lines among others. Guilherme Paulus outgoing personality has enabled him to achieve tremendous milestones of the company, and in return, his company has increased its market value.

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Madison Street Capital Offers Excellent Investment Insights

Madison Street Capital, MSC, oversaw the merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. MSC deals with investment banking in the country and abroad. When these companies decided to come together, it was chosen as the official advisor of the merger. DCG Software Value deals with the provision of software services such as analytics, quality management, and agile support services. Since it was established in 1994, the company has focused on delivering high-quality services that have enabled its clients to achieve growth in their business. It is a top-rated provider of software services, and many companies have shown their interests in outsourcing its services. The Spitfire Group specializes in providing consultation services in matters regarding business and technology. Its purpose is to enable a company to create a connection between their goals and the incorporation of technology. With a highly experienced team and the use of the latest technologies, it has helped many businesses to achieve growth in this digital world.




The successful merger between DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group is a clear indication of Madison Street Capital’s prowess in offering invaluable insights on how two companies can come together and work towards a similar vision. The CEO of this company, Charles Botchway announced this merger but did not disclose further details about it. Jay Rodgers led it. According to Charles Botchway, both companies are led by highly experienced CEOs. He recognized their leadership in the Information Technology sector. Botchway also said that he was pleased to work with both teams.




The CEO of DCG Software Value, Mark Harris, and the Spitfire Group CEO, Mark Richtermeyer were also pleased with seeking the services of Madison Street Capital. Mark Harris praised the expertise with which MSC provided useful insights during the merger. He expressed his gratitude and said that from the moment they started working with this institution, the team was handy in delivering very powerful advice.




Mark Richtermeyer was also impressed with the services that Madison Street Capital. He asserted that he and his new business partner would continue seeking advice from this company. It is a sure way of achieving success in the long run.




Madison Capital Street is a leading advisor in several areas regarding investment. It provides comprehensive insights on mergers and acquisitions, finances, and valuation of companies whether publicly or privately traded.




This company has achieved its success owing to the values that it upholds. These values include commitment, excellence, integrity, and leadership. It is client focused in that it aims at providing the best advice for the clients to compete effectively in the marketplace. According to this company, emerging markets are the ones that are driving growth on a global level. It, therefore, focuses on the middle market.


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The Madison Street Capital reputation in the banking industry

Madison Street Capital was established in 2005 and licensed to operate in the financial sector as a middle market business company offering banking services to its clients. In addition to the banking services the company also provides its customers other services such as offering corporate services, it also provides well analyzed financial reports to its clients, as well as providing business valuations.


The company has over the years enjoyed periods of great success within the banking sector mainly driven by its unique mode of operation. As an example, the firm always makes sure that a client is served distinctively based on their needs individually. They can do this as they strive to use analyzed factual data unique only to their client. This has seen the company increase their numbers of customers who now includes mainly businesses that operate the same business sector thus propelling them to even greater success.


When companies are merging, Madison Street Capital reputation as one of the best firm in conducting such unions precedes all other competitors in the sector. In doing the mergers the, Madison Street Capital always ensures that it does extensive research so as always to assure the companies merging that they are making a right decision. As part of the study, they ensure they find out the actual real value of the two companies depending on current market strength and anticipated future changes. Based on these findings the merging companies will then evaluate and reevaluate if they are on the right course of the track.


This mode of conducting business has enabled Madison Street Capital to grow since 2005 as one of the best and leading firms that operate in the middle market sectors in the banking industry. On this regard, the company has become a very dependable source of good advice to businesses that for many years lacked in the middle market sector. In addition to giving these companies reliable advice the company also is involved in offering other services that include; providing them very loan interest loans, it also provides these businesses with acquisition services and useful strategies to employ when dealing with specific market problems.


As it continues to provide such excellent services to its clients the company sees a brighter future for its self as they now plan to venture and expand it service provision to other markets. As a result of this, the company has already opened up new office branches in America, Asia, and Africa.


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Investment Genius Rethinks Retirement Strategies

Capital Group’s Timothy Armour believes that Warren Buffet is wrong. Buffet bet one million dollars (for charity) that he’d receive larger returns than hedge fund managers through investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Buffet may win, because investors are shortchanged by costly funds.

Tim Armour disagrees with Buffet in that he believes investments aren’t about passive or active funds, but about returns investors receive long-term, and that the idea that passive index returns are safest for retirement must be re-examined.

Even if some actively managed funds have performed poorly—several have done the opposite. Anyone who put $10,000 40 years ago in the S&P index fund would have more than $500,000 today; however, if he put in high-performing funds, he would’ve made even more.

Two hallmarks of excellent hedge fund managers: high manager ownership and low expenses. Look for managers who regularly outdo benchmark indexes on average. With many Baby Boomers retiring—it’s high time that better investment steps are brought to the table.

Tim Armour named Chairman of Capital Group on July 28, 2015, Armour is also Capital Group’s CEO; and chairman/principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. Graduating from Middlebury College with a degree in economics, he’s had 34 years of experience in this industry.

Armour played a key role in the partnership between Samsung Asset Management and Capital Group, which aims to develop asset allocation products and solutions for retirement. Armour said,
“The broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors.”

On the market sell-off in September 2015, Armour said, “We’ve had a six year bull run in the U.S. and rising markets in most other parts of the world.” He foresees China’s transformation into an open economy led by consumers.