James Larkin ahead of NUDL

The National Union of Dock Labourers had for a very long time before 1905, been lacking on something. The union would come to realize that they did not have a very daring leader that would not fear to face people and lead them towards their labor freedom.



Jim Larkin appeared to them as a potential leader. He was but a dock foreman when the union had their first encounter with him. Jim Larkin had suffered labor oppression for a very long time, and could not ignore it anymore. He, and a few more foremen at the docks of Liverpool decided to lay down their tools and protest. Although the protest was peaceful and Jim’s appointment to the committee that would organize strikes, a planned move by the foremen, the dock managers did not see it right, and to avoid further rebellions, they let Jim Larkin go.


NUDL seized this opportunity, as it is not every day that a skilled leader is indirectly handed to you. He was appointed to the union temporarily, and when the timing was right, he took over the membership permanently. James Larkin then took up the tasks of organizing workers into strikes and peaceful protests with an aim to meet their pleas and wishes and have their complaints resolved.


James Larkin under NUDL was able to successfully lead a lot of laborers of Liverpool and Ireland out of their jobs and to the streets to fight for their right. In a majority of these strikes, the workers’ wishes were granted, and this is the reason why James Larkin’s name became very popular all over the world.


The activist lived his life well. When he left NUDL due to various reasons which included his disagreement with James Sexton which bore his disregard for the union instructions; James Larkin continued with his dream of having a country that respected the rights of workers and paid them fairly according to the amount of labor rather than their level of experience. The reasoning here was that not many workers were educated, so the only kind of experience they would have to gain was manual, and that takes a lot of time.