David McDonald — Leader of Premier Global Food Company OSI Group

Currently residing in the Greater Chicago Area, David McDonald is President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC (“OSI”), a privately held global food producer. McDonald received his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science upon attending Iowa State University (1983 – 1987).

He has been with OSI since 1987. In CEOCFO Magazine (June 12, 2017 issue), McDonald states: “Since I was not here at the beginning of OSI, I cannot speak to the original vision, but when I joined the company 30 years ago, OSI Group had a tremendous aspiration of growth. That appetite for growth remains today. The constant desire to grow and improve is a cornerstone to the culture itself. And the vision at that time was to be truly global and to be a valued partner to our customers. It is our partners/customers who have allowed us to grow. Our vision today formally states, ‘OSI aims to become the Premier Global Food Provider to Leading Branded Companies.’ So, our vison has not really changed much, but our relentless push to improve and deliver more to our customers drives our growth.”

Prior to being elevated to the position of President of OSI, David McDonald held the position of Project Manager of OSI Industries. Since December 2008, Mr. McDonald has served as Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. This was following the acquisition of OSI’s operations in Brazil and Europe by Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos. Mr. McDonald is also Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He holds the position of Director of OSI International Foods PTY Limited (Australia) and is a member of OSI Group’s Board of Directors.

At the helm of OSI Group, David McDonald has contributed greatly to the development and growth of the organization. Two key strategic moves he orchestrated were OSI’s expansion into the Chinese market as well as the acquisition of Baho Foods (a Dutch producer of deli meats and snack foods).

The interview of David McDonald by CEOCFO Magazine provides a number of insights into his business and life philosophy (see: “Q&A with David McDonald, President of OSI Group, Premier Global Food Provider” — Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine — June 12, 2017 http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/DavidMcDonald-OSIGroup17.htm ). OSI will remain true to its standards while always striving to improve on service to the customer, McDonald affirms.

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