Securus Technologies Assisting Law Enforcement Agencies to Eliminate the Use of Contraband Phones

For the law enforcement agencies, the use of contraband phones inside the prison facilities has been a significant cause of concern. Many companies have been trying for long to find a way to put technology to use to get rid of contraband phones inside the prison but in vain. However, the market leader in the correctional arena, Securus Technologies, recently rolled out wireless containment solutions. It is the most efficient contraband interdiction technology out there, and apparently the only such technology that is approved and accepted by the FCC.


It has the potential to eliminate the use of contraband phones in the correctional facilities completely and has been successfully tried in at least eight facilities where it managed to halt 1.7 million illegal correspondences done through contraband phones. Such technology would help in building a safer and smarter correctional ecosystem. Securus Technologies has been assisting in ways more than to modernize the penitentiary sphere, and the technologically advanced services that it provides has been hugely helpful.


Recently, a video went viral online, which was made by an inmate on his contraband phone. He was brandishing a knife in the video from inside his cell, and it was shocking and raised many questions about prison security. The video made by the inmate was posted on Facebook and was viral within hours. It surprised the media and the entire nation, who thought that at least prisons are safe and secure.


Robert Johnson is one of the star corrections officers who now work as a consultant at Securus Technologies. He had worked for 15 years as a corrections officer and has helped in confiscating a large amount of contraband phones during this time. At one time, he seized a contraband package estimated to be worth around $50,000. It infuriated the inmate to whom the package belonged, and he ordered a hit on Robert Johnson using a contraband phone from inside the prison, which led to Robert getting shot in his home six times.


Robert Johnson feels that unless the contraband phones are eliminated from the prisons, it would be difficult to say that the prisons are safe and secure. The inmates use the contraband phones for many reasons, including controlling many different types of illegal deals and activities. The use of wireless containment solution by Securus Technologies has proven to be highly successfully and has provided a ray of hope to the corrections officers who feel threatened by the inmates and their capabilities to do illegal things from inside the prison. When the source of unlawful communication is completely removed, it is not possible for the inmates to connect to the outside world in an unauthorized manner. Securus Technologies hope that wireless containment system would be able to assist law enforcement agencies in their endeavor to eliminate contraband phones from prison facilities completely.


Securus Technologies steps up their game in the fight against contraband cell phones

In the nation’s prison system, few threats pose as dire a risk to institutional order and the safety of the public as the proliferation of illegal cell phones. As these devices have gotten ever-smaller over the last two decades, the number of them appearing within the nation’s carceral facilities has grown exponentially.


As a result, it has become an urgent priority of prison staff, administrators and contractors to come up with a permanent fix to the problem. It is estimated that prisoner access to contraband cell phones leads to thousands upon thousands of crimes being committed each year. The phones are used by prisoners for everything from making unauthorized phone calls to friends on the outside of prison to ordering hits on correctional staff. Even when used for seemingly benign purposes, these phones pose a serious threat to the order of the institutions and the integrity of the criminal justice system.



Cell phones are the favored tool of prison gangs


One of the most powerful forces in the modern American prison system is the patchwork of prison gangs that exist within the nation’s correctional facilities. These gangs are often far more than what one may picture a typical street gang as being. With memberships in the thousands and a strict, hierarchic command structure, these gangs often have the discipline of a military unit and the earning power of a corporation.


And most of what the prison gangs do resembled the role that the Italian Mafia once played throughout America’s large cities. Gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia and the Black Guerrilla Family are not small-time drug organizations, they are extremely well-organized and versatile criminal organizations that extend from coast to coast in the nation’s prison system. What makes many of these gangs even more dangerous is that they may have as many members currently operating outside of prison as inside.


The primary means by which these organizations carry out their illegal trades from behind bars is through the use of contraband cell phones, which are typically smuggled into the prison by inmates, guards or visiting family members. Once inside, the gangs can use the cell phones as a secure means of communicating with foot soldiers on the outside, effectively allowing them to carry criminal activities just as they would have been able to had they not been incarcerated in the first place.


But now, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communications solutions, has a technology that may permanently end the ability of gangs to use illegal cell phones. Their Wireless Containment System has a 100-percent success rate of blocking unauthorized cell phones. In institutions where it has been installed, the system has completely removed the ability of prison gangs to carry out their trade using cell phones.


Seen the New Wireless Containment Solution by Securus?

Securus Technologies is one of the leading criminal and civil justice technology providers in the country. They are based in Dallas and their main aim is to enhance the safety of the public by modernizing the security experience. There are currently many law enforcements, public safety, and correctional agencies that hugely rely on Securus’ for powerful, simple, and secure technology solutions. The technology solutions offered are up-to-date, easy to use, and always accessible.


With a team of dedicated and certified technologists, engineers, designers and innovators, the technology at Securus is the second to none. The company is motivated to stay at the top in the industry by constantly improving their designs and customer services as well as coming up with more innovative ideas.


Early February of this year, the company announced the activation of the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology is designed to prevent illegal cellular networks from reaching a protected network. The technology can also collect electronic data of these mobile devices and take the necessary measures. This is a very creative and concrete way of preventing criminal activities in places such as prisons and banks.


This technology was created after a lot of cases were reported on use of mobile devices in prisons across the country. The illegal mobile phones were viewed as a threat to the rest of the society because detainees could easily conduct criminal activities from their prison cells. Hence the new containment solution is an effective way to ensure law and order both inside and outside the prison walls.


If you are looking for very best technology security solutions, look no further, contact Securus Technologies.